Ampere Square S

Charging capacity of 3/6 kWh. It's ideal for an average consumer.

Your Benefits

  • Charging capacity of 3 / 6kWh
  • Control your consumption with the "MyAmpere" app
  • Plug & Play installation. Fast and safe
  • "All in one" system. Lithium-Ion batteries + Bi-directional hybrid inverter + EMS (Energy Management System) and AMPi.

Product Information

Documents for Download

Manufacturer information

Ampere S systems are characterized by being “all in one”, that is, they integrate all the necessary elements to work autonomously in the same team. In addition, thanks to the artificial intelligence that they incorporate, they are capable of self-management, predicting solar production, analyzing electricity market prices and user consumption patterns to achieve maximum energy savings and independence and guarantee comfort.

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